The demon race created the Fracture; shattering reality, annihilating Humanity and its Home planet. The scale of their scheme is unknown, and the reason for their actions kept secret. Out of those who still remember, some say it was evil intentions; others that it was in the best interest of everything.

Things happened suddenly and the soul of the billions of deceased were quickly transferred into artificial worlds. These reality experiments though artificially created, are alive. Molding themselves around the collective consciousness of their inhabitants, they create an environment fit for them, be it good or bad.

The plan was going fine and nothing was left of the old world but an infinite abyss, or so the demons thought.

One soul had escaped their vigilance, however, and floating in nothingness, doomed to be forever lost, it began to think. Without a body to contain its thoughts, things simply materialized around it, forming a world which shined bright in the darkness of the empty space.

With a plan of his own, a lone demon travelled through the abyss, followed by a small group of matter nullifying creatures; Taipans. The Taipans, attracted by the light emanating from the soul’s budding world, changed trajectory, and before the demon could find them again, they had already eaten most of it.

Intrigued by the presence of a soul in the abyss, he slayed the Taipans and created a blank reality experiment, setting what was left of the consciousness in it; shielding it from further damage.

It took a considerable amount of time for the surviving soul to recover from the attack. The demon stayed at its side, watching the abyss and making sure that no Taipans were able to enter the reality experiment.

Once fully healed, the soul gave herself a body and a name. With a world now shielded from potential danger, she continued her work of creation while guided by the demon’s teachings.

The girl's realm, unique in scope, had the quality of not only holding, but also attracting souls that were different from one another. Minds of different times and places, having different needs, all converging into what would be from the demon's suggestion, The Netherworld; put bluntly, another world, a definitive beginning to the end of things.

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